Marissa De Marco is touring with me to Philly and NYC this month (Sept)

Contact me for incentive duos. Must prebook for the incentive. Xoxo

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Cannot wait for Chicago. This Monday, Sept 19tg-21st. Xoxo
Cannot wit to play!

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NYC, DC, Philly, here I come this September. Email me for details.

Chicago! Here I come Sept 15-20th

With new tits!

I Dream Of Envy- Fans bring your dreams and fantasies to life with me. I love these!

I Dream of Envy – The Wake Up Call

Envy is all energy, all the time. She is so high energy that it’s often difficult to get her to slow down and fully appreciate how incredibly beautiful she really is. For me, there’s nothing like admiring her body when she is sleeping peacefully in a room bathed in the light of the moon creeping in through a window. I love to admire every contour of her body, to really study her tattoos and just appreciate her. I usually wake up before her and gently caress her body and kiss her softly while she enjoys the last few moments of her sleep. But today was different. This time she woke up before me. I felt the warmth of her tongue and those magical lips wrapped around my cock as she gave me my own very special wake up call. It took me a moment to realize what was happening. Then I looked down and saw her gazing up at me with those eyes that I love so much, her mouth devouring my cock. I need to try and let her wake up first more often.

I Dream Of Envy

I Dream of Envy – Office Sex

I work in an open office – just a cavernous room with stylish desks and work areas. There are large conference rooms with glass walls too. You can see everyone at nearly all times.

During the summer most employees are allowed to leave the office early on Friday to get a jump on the weekend. I had struggled through a very long Friday and wasn’t in a position to take advantage of the summer hour policy. I was feeling somewhat stressed as I finished up my work in the then empty office and decided to relax before heading home by enjoying some of Envy’s most recent pictures that I had downloaded onto my iPad. Image after stunning image highlighting her glorious body and bringing back sexy memories of our adventures together. My cock was rock hard. I thought to myself it’s good that the office is empty because there was no way I can conceal my excitement from anyone.

I heard a door open in the distance and looked up to see Envy walking towards me. Was I dreaming of her again? Could it be real? We’ve always seemed connected and she senses my need for her all the time, but how could she know? A simple jacket covered what I knew was barely concealed underneath. She had on her signature high heels. She came to my desk, smiled, held her hand out to me and said “I knew my lover needed me.” With that she let that jacket slide to the floor and revealed her skimpy tube top and some very short shorts. She sat down on my lap and said, “What are we going to do now to make you feel better? I’ve always wanted to hide under your desk and give you a blow job while you tried to work.” I told her I had shared the same fantasy too, but had something else on my mind. I looked at the marble table in the glass enclosed conference room nearby. She smiled, grabbed my hand, and said “I’m way ahead of you lover.” With that we made our way to the conference room as she tore off my clothes and I peeled her out of what little she had on. At first we were both a little nervous that someone might catch us but then forgot all about that possibility. I bent her over that table and fucked her ass hard before switching to a good old fashioned doggie style pussy pounding. We were drenched in sweat. Then we got on top of that table and she rode my cock cowgirl while choking me and talking very dirty. By the time we were done we were covered in cum, sweat and pussy juice. We gathered up our clothes and quietly made our way to the showers on a lower floor where we cleaned up.

As we left the building the night security guard gave us a glance that suggested perhaps we had had an audience. He just smiled and said “I hope you two have a great weekend.”

I Dream Of Envy

You have requested a second interview for a job after being passed over. As we meet again I thank you for the interest but reiterate that we had many people more qualified for the position. I say “I am just about to place a call to the woman we will hire.” You respond that if I give you chance I know I can do it. But I say the other applicants showed me what they had to offer,they had impressive portfolios. Envy,you didn’t show me anything. At this point you step over to my side of the desk and slowly peel off your top featuring those magnificent breasts. “How is this for a portfolio? Anyone have these?”. I become alarmed,saying this will get you nowhere and I can get in a lot of trouble. I respond “stop that immediately,that absolutely won’t work with me.” You press on. “Sure about that? Wouldn’t you like to see me everyday?” I get flustered,nervous. Your nipples are an inch from my face. At this point I forget about that phone call,lose any semblance of power or will power and suck on those tits like I’ve never seen tits before. A moment later you put your high heeled foot on my desk. “Kiss it” I say look I’m the boss here,I give orders,this has to stop,but again,my will power is no match for your power of seduction. I worship your feet then you say “you are going to kiss,lick and suck every inch of my perfect body”. I do it,slowly,to savor and appreciate every centimeter of that beautiful skin. I make my way all the way up to your lips for an extended french kiss,followed by an unbridled session of sex and nonstop lust.
It happens in a hotel room in Orlando. Please Envy,come visit!

Touring Top Rated PSEs Hollie Of Miami And Myself

We are having great incentives for those who are prebooking and even better, newbies.

Philly July 26
NYC July 27-28
Philly July 28-August 1st

Bring it baby!

Another dream submitted. Bring it!

So i had this dream that I come to your hotel room and your wearing my outfit of request. You were wearing a naughty nurse outfit….i dont remember much dialgue, not that i think there was any ;). You proceed to check all my vitals using your mouth to determine how sick I was….you proceed to give me an amazing blowjob while using a finger ever so slightly to check my rectum temp….I dont last long and tell me to finish with a nice tit banging session……..thats all i remember i dont even recall if we had sex!