Tour Dates Lovers! March & April

Tour dates:

PHX: 3/12-4/2
NYC: 4/3-4/9
Philly: 4/9-4/12
PHX: 4/15-4/18
CHI: 4/19-4/22
PHX: 4/22-TBD

Updated Tours:

I have updated my tours to:


Tour dates:
Philly: 1/12-1/16
DC: 1/16-1/18
Philly: 1/18-2/1
NY: 2/1-2/5
SF: 2/5-2/9

Phx: 2/9-2/20
LA: 2/21/-2/27
CHI/ 2/27-3/2

Upcoming Tours & Duo Playmate in SF & Chi!

IMG_2010 IMG_2097

Hello gents!

Pornstar Jenevieve Hexxx & I will be touring Chicago & SF together. We have insane duo parties.

Please see dates below:

Tour dates:
Philly: 1/12-1/16
DC: 1/16-1/18
Philly: 1/18-2/1
NY: 2/1-2/5
St. Louis: 2/5-2/7
SF: 2/7-2/9
LA: 2/21/-2/27
CHI/ 2/27-3/2


Omg time is flying… Blessed, Grateful, And Soon 2 Be JetSet Again…

Hi lovers!

So I was supposed to be in the W. Coast for three weeks which turned into 4. Had a very great time overall. Just made it back to Philly to a very demanding schedule. #Blessed #Successful.

For those that know me, I reserve my mornings to training an hour and a half each day. I haven't lifted weights for a month and two days now until tomorrow with the exception of trying out crossfit. I'm not knocking it but with my knowledge of fitness/nutrition, I knew it would not be good to do anymore than a tryout session. I left my hiking gear in Philly and was surrounded by the amazing mountains in Az. So I invested in new gear and hiked vigorously almost daily. It's such a good feeling every time you get to the top and relax a few minutes, take pics, then run down full throttle. I really enjoyed that.

I learned a hard lesson the last two weeks but got through it today. Lol.  Learn from my mistake to not take interest in finding a new home across the US during Christmas/NYE. Omg! I'm extremely picky about what my place looks like as I'm also an Artist who does Interior Decorating. Needless to say, I found an amazing property that will be done being built by the time my furniture arrives weeks later. All very contemporary, stainless steel, mountain views, big (not the mansions I've lived in) Thogh it's just me. I have a huge closet again which I had lost moving into the biz district in Center City. Hooray! A guest room for my loved ones when we have slumber/swinger parties, and a room I will be decorating to do my cam shows. By the end of the week, I will have time to join Chaturbate. Till then, you can book me privately for extremely naughty shows @ :

If you join my XXX site now, you will have time to enjoy and download all my solo, GG, toy content. You will also be the very first to see me get nailed BG content for the very first time.

Im up for ideas if you have any alluring, edgy, daring, risky, and ultra nasty. I will continue to update Www.EnvyJolie.Club with such and I'm working on continuing to build my fan base now that I am not spending all my time sucking and fucking toys. I mean....yes I am still going to do that once I relocate as I have already found my production partner.  I will be doing productions full time again and making arrangements with some of my most beautiful Pornstar Girlfriends who I love getting naughty with.

Im very #Grateful for all the love from you fans who replied after my blog post which was days ago. Knowing that I made you happy, keeps me happy to share my wild adventures with you.

Im open to hear your ideas for upcoming Porn scenes that you just don't see.  The industry is flooded with the same shit every time I go to masturbate.  Oh well...I fast forward to the hardcore action and cum scenes to get off.  I mean...I can make that kind of content though I have an extreme love for play role and love to act.

I've got some awesome jack off material coming your way baby!

Ok, so one last thing....I think...I recently changed my hair color to a more wild look.  I wanted my ends to be more silver and it just didn't happen. But you can be the judge of it when you watch a BG scene I just did. (Soon to be released.) And I made way into two men's magazine publishing. Should I show you before I go back to blonde. (Probably this week)



My fucking adventures. So much excitement I must share with you!

_MG_7380-Ok so here we go. I have been a model of all genres since I was a kid. My expressions, poses, well, they speak for themselves you know. I signed a joint venture agreement in 2010 to work with a very experienced production company.  Things always ran perfect. And I will always hold my people.  However, due to specific complications with my main guy, I had to let go.

I moved to Philly knowing the majority of by biz stemmed from Philly to three other options. So I found a sick as fuck place I'm about to shoot an amazing client/ provider BG Porn with the 15th Jan, 2017. Ok so I know I built my name all these years with exposing my dirty -natural - exposures to you. I find performing to be very stimulating.

I have provided GG, solo since 2010. I took 11 months off.  Then arrived back on track with my little sweet pussy and my beautiful perfected mouth to encumber upcoming releases exclusively for EnvyJolie.Club with a few very known male performers.  I also just gave this really shy guy that had a huge did, the blow job he just had not obviously ever encountered.  I'd be on the lookout for more GG, BG on EnvyJolie.Club and upcoming

Im to self sufficient to not figure out my own way just because the worked it this far working independently and GG only. My fans want to see me get banged. I want to express my love for hardcore. I'm fine with making love. But I really prefer to fuck hard/ fuck back/ as rough as possible.  My dirty talk and moves will have u come in a few seconds.  Baby, tell me your coming so I can squirt on you!


I plan to keep up on blogging 3 times per week.  I mean I'm in shape, I'm up to par with biz, I'm happy, I must la k marketing a bit.  Blogging while expressing myself will help I know. We all need a little help.

Please push and follow me live @ xxxenvy4u. Get all the direct love in return that u give me.  I love my peeps. I must cant stand penis pics. Can we have something real here?

Relocating back to Az 2/1 and updated tours

I gave Philly a try but it's to cold! Relocating back to Az 2/1.


Philly 11/17-11/29

NYC: 11/30-12/1 (Booked)

DC: 12/7-12/9

Philly: 12/9-12/12

LA: 12/13-12/23 (Shooting) Limited availability

AZ: 12/23-1/5

Philly: 1/5-1/31

Az: 1/31-TBD


Please welcome Naughty Pornstar Jenevieve Hexxx to this industry. Available for hot Duos.

Pornstar Jenevieve Hexxx is visiting 10/27-10/29. Availability left is 2pm-7pm these dates.

I would love to fuck her! Inked, dom appeal, the perfect Actress, with a beautiful body and she appeal.

Bookings through this site. Or 10/27-10/29.

Jenevieves first tour ever is limited to a select few. Available 2pm-7pm. Please welcome her to this industry and be her very first. Or ours in Philly

Shes been amazing to me. I cannot wait to hook up with her and an intelligent gentleman who loves hardcore action and huge tits. Oh and inked, fabulous Stars! _MG_7380-

Had An Amazing Duo W/Karen Fisher 2day

Ive been with many Playmates on my agency site:

We are brand new and there are a few I haven't been with on my site. Karen Fisher is one. Today we had a repeat and smuggled him with our tits. He loves tits and BJS. I tasted Karen and she taste so good.

It got sweaty in the room. Had to set the temp to 69 degrees. Then had hard Nipples afterwards.

I DT him so much with Karen Lee and she gagged in my mouth while sharing the sweet juices of this hot, young, wealthy man.

What a great day!

Everyone welcome Karen Fisher. Available for more hot Duos this week!

Watch out DC, we are both coming out!



Upcoming Tours and announcements…


Tours First:

Philly (Center City) 10/18-11/7

Edison NJ: 11/3-11/6

DC (Dupont Circle) 11/8-11/10

NYC (Midtown) 11/10-11/12

Philly (Center City) 11/12-12/1

LA -12/5-12/17

Available for duos in Oct with Pornstars, Karen Fisher and brand new to escorting, Pornstar Jenevieve Hexxx. Please view my agency site under the TOURS page. Scroll down to where it says tours and the scroll bar for touring providers in many cities will pop up to select from.


Lets party baby!


Available For Duo’s In Chicago With Pornstar Candy Manson & Hollie of Miami ( Magazine Model)