Tours & Misc Updates


Chicago: 3/19-4/8
D.C.: 4/9-4/11
Philly: 4/11-4/13
Chicago: 4/14-4/18
Detroit: 4/19-4/20

Minneapolis 4/20-21st
Chicago: 4/21-TBD

Upcoming tours suggested upon popular request such as upcoming:
NYC, St. Louis, SF, Atlanta, South Carolina, All Coast Coast every 3-4 months. Put in your spot baby. I'm making my way around

Tour Updates:


Chicago: 1/26-2/4
Durham RTC: 2/5-2/7
Charlotte: 2/7-2/9
Chicago: 2/11-2/20
Ft. Lauderdale 2/21-2/24
Miami: 2/24-2/26
Tampa: 2/26-2/28
Chicago: 3/2-3/4
SF: 3/5-3/7
PHX: 3/9-3/14
Chicago 3/15-TBD

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Here it is…. Jan., Feb, March Tours

Chicago: 1/27-2/4

Durnham RTP 2/5-2/7

Raleigh: 2/7-2/9

Charlotte: 2/9-2/10
Chicago: 2/11- 2/21
Ft Laderdale: 2/21-2/24
Miami: 2/24-2/26
Naples: 2/26-2/28
Tampa: 2/28-3/3
Orlando: 3/3-3/5
SF: 3/5-3/7
PHX: 3/9-3/12
Chicago 3/12-TBD

Upcoming Tours…Jan, Feb,March

Hello gents, woman, and couples,


Im currently in Downtown Chicago. Putting together some trips for new destinations. Very excited to meet some new friends on my mission.

Chicago: 1/6-1/23

Bloomington, Minnesota: 1/24-1/26

Currently putting together tours for after Minneapolis. YEAH!

Tours will include Az, LA, SF, Detroit, Florida such as Naples, Orlando, Miami, and hmmm... Any suggestions?

Production announcement….

I was scheduled to produce hot videos, pic sets and a hot Porn with Sexy Vanessa on 12/11.

My production partner was involved in a very serious car accident the night prior. He's suffering three broken ribs as well as head trauma.

The shoot with Pornstar Playmate, Sexy Vanessa has been pushed back until March 2018. I will however be back to shooting as soon as my partners recovery which will be about two weeks. Also, Pornstar Playmates that tour Chicago I will likely shoot with.

My content is exclusively found on my official XXX site:

Will keep you updated. Kisses.

Upcoming Tours…..

So I've been spending much of my time in the beautiful Downtown city of Chicago and I'm getting travel fever.

I will be touring to Bloomington, Minneapolis 1/24-1/26

Ive got tons of request to visit cities I have yet to tour & would love to hear from you of a recommended destination. Kisses

Dress Code & What It Amounts to…

Okay okay, here we go......

Have you noticed while you browse the ads on the major advertisement sites that pretty much all the providers 'blend in?'

Take a notice that with upmost respect, most faces are blurred which I understand for reasons of discretion. So....ok fine.  She's got the look right? She fits in your budget? She has or does not have stellar reviews, which depends on you to further educate yourself to the best available on the market Okay, either way....have you noticed the blend in trend? Shit if I could save 45 min on makeup and hair to appear in a bra, panty, garter outfit, with those Loui's to match and call it a shoot....Ahhhhh it would allow me to get so many different outfits to be shot in.   What I mean is....the trend is one who follows the most popular group. Like catty girls in high school, cheerleaders of a team, they all dress, look, and act the same.

I have modeled my entire life since I was a kid. I became an adult Actress in 2010. What stands me apart? Perhaps you find it intriguing while I get many request for Fem Dom, role play, yoga attire, short shorts, halter, ect.  This reflects on my variety of looks and upon that variety your seeing one, maybe two in the same attire.  I'm quite diverse. If you have not tried role play, acting out on new fantasies, ect....let me tell you from a woman's standpoint, your really missing out. Ok so you wanna be the most normal person in the world......and I'll be honest as well as to speak for the majority of multiple woman as a woman who is very well known and admired in this industry...if your straight up the cheesy one that arrives, running sprints through incall right after inviting him in offering a drink as he will of course need to be very well hydrated to keep up yet he found the bed and could care less.  Ya, not my ideal date. This is something that happened to me recently and it was such a turn off. Here I was prepping for the perfect encounter even offering fresh water I made with infused fresh mint with one gallon being made with fruits, the other a bit sour and all. He said, " I don't drink."  I said neither am I however your gonna need something.  " purified?" I asked as he ran through my place alone bouncing out remarking how nice my incall was. He was a repeat that saw me while I first began the biz.  He asked, " are you Envy Jolie?" I'm thinking is dude on drugs? It had been 7 years since our last and only encounter. And let me say, I can't remain in my early twenties for eternity so of course I do not match pics of being 22. Yet take  great pride in my health and appearance. I'm very happy to say, while I'm not 23...I'm not out there pumping my beautiful face with Botox or injections into my lips as I was blessed with amazing genes. My entire family is fit, beautiful faces, and admired by many. We live a long life span. I will admit I went up ultra busty cosmetically. And I'm very artistically inked.  You see my selfies weekly at the latest. Bundled for snow or the very least, lingerie. You see my nudes and some at a fair cost. Yet I refuse to blend In with the market.  Monkey see, monkey do. I am not the monkey. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing pNty and bra sets with garter belts, thigh heels, and heels. Though you see diversity as well as creativity in my pics as I'm an artist.

People lose their mind to find I have kids. Yes, I am a milf.  I began having sex at age 13 as I knew what I liked at an early age. 😂

Yes, I'm single with my 2.5 pound dog who will be 3 on Dec 14th, and all I can say is those that are unlike the strange odd call that ended up  leaving the protection on my vanity before departing (ewwww what!?) I'll be simple as to be as up front as possible. Research and more research prior to contacting myself or my booking agents. And know, with time, I am more beautiful than ever. I'm more knowledgable in many diverse aspects, I've learned some of the most umph ways to learn a lesson or two that I can't explain.  Yet I build myself with daily power, prayer, be.ief, and a tremendous amount of knowledge to never give up. Alike most humans, I'm very conservative with "real shit." I shopped all day and night to have time to think about my actions.  My living experiences are kept inside unless I'm truly and I mean truly close to you.  I possess very positive energy.  Yes, I am Envy Jolie and yes, perhaps alike you, some envy me so they attack.  I fall down hard.  I pick myself right back up and I can't admit I win wars.  I'm not a fighter  I'm a known lover of humanity and nature.  However, those that disturb my peace, I am blessed to protect and I have me.  Rest assured  I don't and cannot understand the logics of the Ill, nor do I wish to.

My ideal:

I do not see you for your success.  Though with such success I admire you more.

Im attracted to the male character who is known to be somewhat as a nerd. This man has the capability to recreate or begin a start up as a very intelligent man. This man has goals.  We all possess some fears as a very natural instinct. Yet the intelligence of such a man will not only rise him above, yet those that are drawn by his attitude and known capability they are drawn to  to oversee a dilemnia or rough situation.  Which brings us back to point A.) Many men find me marriage material.  Ok, I foresee perhaps not signing a paper to be united. I can foresee myself taking on a journey with one man or more. Even woman. Gotta love all.  It does not matter to those who are involved as they are very well aware they present the qualities I'm attracted to. This woman/man is so confident within themselves that the other tidyeous matters are to pretentious to fall down over. Like a strong soldier, in a much different field, he/she is unstoppable. And that's the man or woman I reserve my precious time with. The man Or woman I cook for, travel with, see beyond business even though we all have to get ahead. I reserve the right as a very knowledgable milf, woman of true character who is also treated with respect from my admirers, to simply be myself.

Definition of me;

A female soldier.  Fuck with me, I fuck back.

Be true to me, receive the upmost yet most respect.

You got me, I've already had you.

Yes I'm known to be involved in multiple faucets of the sex or let's just say (adult industry with kinks).  I am so grateful to possess such high qualities to those with high expectations.  Not every woman looks like me.  Some act I've been told to be like me.  Ok well, I am only myself and cover those who have me. Yes I still feed feed the homeless without shame.  You can find me surprising you in ways you wouldn't expect.  I was raised by my grandparents who lived the "Leave it to Beaver show" that aired while I was a child  very religious, well grounded, yet I was the rebellious one.

I simply don't wish to follow specific rules/guidelines for acceptance to go to heaven vs hell at my last breath. Everyone claims something and has a name for it.  Even those that have no belief.  I just ask those that are close with no belief to admire a rock or whatever...lint.  Who cares. Make time, worship, admire, first before all, give thanks for even breathing. There is a higher source for all. Hey even if it is lint.  I have some in my dryer you can take home.

Thanks for reading.  I know I'm a bit unusual.  I just do not believe in blending in with all out there. Like the intelligent woman/ man, u also set my goals far higher than attainable by human nature.  Look at us. Our character can easily be defined with a little knowledge  just a little will not hurt. We are protectors and survivors.


My next blog will entitle... The Dream as a very good, to normal friend questioned me as to what makes me happy and what do I see in my future. Well, I have always been A+ in spelling, English, and grammar. So in my next blog I'll share my dreams with you.  Like I mentioned, I do not blend in. Therefore, be prepared to read some very unusual dreams I have lying ahead to live.  I was going through a rough moment while asked and told him, now is not the time. He's a very good friend that respects me fully so tomorrow after training in the gym I, well, I already know the answers. It's just being open, honest, and able to share. I have a very amazing future ahead. I know without a doubt as my lint is my upper power. Haha got u!

Now it's midnight. My dog, #famousdogsweetpea has been waiting hours for me to go to bed.  So it was nice. I know a bit out there. I'm often asked about my ink. *under left ass cheek reads "stay", the right reads "true".


And please be be intelligent enough to discard your shit in the right spot. Upcoming changes......

Nothing less than 90 mins. Min. -This weeds out those who aren't seeking  meaningful relation as I am  .  I am not wanting a BF or husband.  I only wish to share so much of my valuable time time with Tozer that are the true defenition of "quality" vs the market at 400 an hour to see this as pure business. It is business. However, true gentleman leave an everlasting impression.  It doesn't happen in an hour.  Love at first site is what did they call those...soap operas.  I may still wanna jump your bones at first site though  now that's practical.






I’m Getting Anxious Already…..

So it's been cold here in Chicago. Yet, not unbearable until last night.  From day to when I was warned, " welcome to winter", I was about to go shop for upcoming shoots. I decided to stay in. F that! It hit during the evening, just hours later.

Today is the following day. I dressed in lots of layers, dressed my 2.5 pd. dog the same way and carried her in her pink Barbie Bentley vs. walking her. Shopping was pretty successful. Except 4  items I had to pay a considerable amount to overnight as you can see I put my wardrobe, accessories, polish, makeup to match. I don't wanna see a shoot where I've worn the same anything ever. Is it ok to admit that I need to seriously be punished for bringing home excessive loads of lingerie, perfumes, lip glosses, and even a hot New Years Eve outfit while I still have my living room full of bags with clothes I need to fit into 5 closets I must go through?

As I mentioned previously, I had to take time off filming due to my move and two more moves until I reunited with the perfect partner.  So now I actually own my own production company.

When I say I'm getting anxious already.....I was supposed to begin productions the 3rd week of the month. Instead it's at the beginning of the month. I'm sure your all aware of the super hot, red headed, argententian milf who has the sexual energy that matches up to mine so we are planning toys, lingerie, and all to just get sexually charged. Then explode once we see each other. I had never thought about shooting with her while I was well aware of her name. I of course like always checked in while checking her out. She for those who haven't seen her orgasmic porn vids exceeds so much sexuality. Alike myself. So I'm all in. On top of that we are doing duos with those that crave to be the king.  The only! We will also cam on top of Girl/Girl porn for our exclusive sites, pics and clips of the porn for only while we make one another squirt buckets of cum all over each other and the toys.

Sexy Vanessa and I shoot this coming Monday 12/11. And it does not stop there.   I'll be back to shooting full time again for new content to be found exclusively on my official XXX site; EnvyJolie.Club solo with toys. I am located Downtown and many of my Pornstar girlfriends tour here. I'd love to hear your feedback as to who you would like to see me play with.  I have been sexually involved with a vast majority of my hot Playmates on With about the exception of five who qualified to be on our website due to credentials, performance, personality, as well as beauty and known to be "On time as she says." There is a whopping waiting list of beautiful Pornstars awaiting a time to meet or have phone contact and be represented.  However, many new to porn are rushing through the industry tapping out right away by performing specific acts or with additional actors to get to the top while such acts need to be planned/timed right on point to get anonminated on time.  Like career, yes porn is super fun.  Especially for me while I turned down major productions and agencies keeping all my content with the exception prior to my first adult vid out there and Mai stream.  I love to be in full co troll and run my own show.

So with all that's been said......I now have my empire re-established. And I want to shoot a ton to get ahead while my brain waves are pointing me to visit Minneapolis.  I know not one person there. I have  some that inquired. However, the place keeps drilling my head so I have invited Sexy Vanessa to take the leap with me. All cities are so fun to visit. The client/friends/regular closest are all so fun to reunite with.  I have only once ventured out to a small city for an agreement which worked out and pleased us both tremendously. If your in a small city that rarely has a visit, perhaps we can come to terms on an agreement whether with myself , or a playmate GF.

All in the will I handle masterburtating in such negative degrees vs the West Coast with beaches of waves. I hope we can warm one another up.



What a blessing to continue to be on vacation! I will be home 11/24 and plan on some changes. Tours will have to wait. Some exclusive travel is great depending on the duration and distance. It’s preferred that you come to me during this time.

Ill be in Chicago training 3 hours extensively in the gym a day, 6 Days per week. I’m prepping to place on stage for a bikini, bodybuilding competition. As well as MMA lessons. Which is mixed martial arts. When I say bodybuilding, don’t picture me much built masculine. Bikini competitions is very lean and ripped without the use of drugs to cheat a contest. It’s a lot of hard work and discipline, which I thrive for. Therefore, chances of me being available the same day are slim. I will post my available now button on ads after my first two hours of training each morning that stays on for 8 hours.

It is preferred to pre book with me always. Those that need a date accommodation prior to 10am, I need at least 48 hours advance notice.

As a Nutritionist, Actress, and Model for my exclusive XXX site, Top Reviewed Chicago Provider, fitness is a true passion of mine as well as all that I do. Being fit and healthy has been very important to me since I was a teenager.

While I love to share a fine wine over fun conversations, there is no drinking while prepping. Please feel free to have a drink I will offer as I always do my best to accommodate everyone. Though if it’s an unusual  drink I may not have it.

Vacation has gone to quickly. Doesn’t it always? Yet I am very excited to get back to continue my Model appearances, producing content for my exclusive website, and grinding away to my goals.


Sweet dreams!


P.S. -

Minneapolis & Detroit, I apologize that I was unable to set up tours yet. However, your the first on my list when I return jetsetting again.