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So I have 5 minutes to share before I've got to run out and I just want to share a little about about me here and there when I get time as I've deleted all my blog post since the recent you know what, ( I should not have to say). Haha happened. But this topic will be on role play.

I've got to admit, I really consider myself much more of a dominant woman more than submissive even though I still enjoy being a naughty little w#*re! 😂 .

Yet, all in all, my ads have been rejected for weeks all because of very odd reasons like, I'm a Professional Role Play Actress. And yes that I am. I truly love acting scenes as soon as the door opens. It causes one to shake in the knees then to suddenly feel as though they have been saved by a beautiful breath taking beautiful woman. I am an Artist of many skills so I'm extremely cre8ive to cre8 some ideas to suggest to you or ask you if you have any. Since I have began this journey of suggesting role play as an option, I can tell you, I have not yet had a single person say no. The only times I have not asked is when multiple people were apart of the rendezvous. ┬áThat could be pretty interesting I'm sure yet probably turn a bit disasterous. So if you are seeking for someone unique, one who offers different concepts, this is just the beginning. Just w8 until further post. And note, because of ugh the Pres., I've gotta keep it as clean as possible. This is for those who have not met me yet. 😜😂😂 Ok 5 mins is up and I've gotta feed #FamousDogSweetPea & bounce!

Until next time, kisses

Tour Updates

Chicago: 4/23-4/29

Detroit: 4/30-5/2

Chicago: 5/2-5/7

Philly: 5/8-5/10

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6/1-Tbd Amsterdam

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Chicago: 4/12-23

Minneapolis: 4/24-26



Philadelphia: Center City 5/9-5/12  KOP: 5/12-5/13

Chicago: 5/13-5/20

Baltimore: 5/21-5/24

Chicago: 5/24-TBD