Updates all for the better

First and foremost I want to thank those that have stuck by my side as regular repeated friends I’m comfortable to see. I havebedn healing from some serious traumatic stuff lately. I’m one to only be strong and positive.

While I cannot explain what I went through, I will say I am so blessed to be alive. My tours were prepaid in advance and I took them only seeing regulars. And vacationing.  I thank you my closest for amazing times and fun dinner dates.  I haven’t been able to see anyone new. It’s ok I’m getting my fight back.

Im not a fighter. I’m soft, delicate, very feminine, and diverse though the trauma, (not worth to mention or continue to think of) has made me a stronger person today. I’m one to find a positive to a negative to all negs  That’s making me the “ 😘Energy Bunny,” right?!?!

Ive been on pre booked tours, yet have been vacationing to heal more than anything. Vacation will end 11/24.

On 11/25, I’m prepping to compete on stage for a bikini competition. It’s two extensive hours per day in the gym. Counting all macro/micro nutrients. One of my majors.  I will in no time be ready to hit stage.  I’m also prepared to participate in MMA training forself defense  if my adrenals can handle more than two hours of the gym 6 Days per week without taxing my adrenals, I will continue during contest training . If my panels show increased cortisol levels, then I’ll do the competition first then MMA self defense right after my stage placement.  Before, during progress, and final result will be released to the public once I’m off stage. I set goals like this to keep me driven with such extreme motivation that requires a ton of discipline so please if we have a date set and you wish to indulge with alcohol, Please do not refrain.  My cheers back will be cucumber water. Do not take it personal or perceive a “lack of fun.” It’s just part of stage prepping protocol. I’m always a delight and will always be.

No worries, I’m very strong. Just a bit to soft after such trauma . Never again will I suffer because I’m to motivated to get my fight back.

Im happy today I am stronger each day through prayer. My higher power is probably the same as yours.  If not that’s ok too. Though I can say as to my higher power and encouragement to compete again, I’m already getting my fight back even though I’ve never had to fight.

I cannot discuss paticuliars at this time. Just know that I will not be touring for or a while or ever again. My Mind is stronger, I’m stronger each day. I’m opposed as to seeing new clients at this time and prefer to stick with my known friends whom I’m very comfortable with. Unless you are a very well known hobbyist.

A book will release in 2018 to explain and I encourage all to read it.  I will be staying in DT Chicago to take 90 Min courses in another field to practice there. Its non industry related. Very professional. So I’m seriously very busy at this time.

Im not giving up on Porn with myself and hot girlfriends  I now officially own my own production co. New content will be exclusively  available again Jan 2018 EnvyJolie.Club. You will only see one Porn by myself with a toy from my very first adult film, until I became self branded. My videos are only available exclusively on EnvyJolie.Club.

I will determine upon completion of these  goals whether to tour again or not.  I am sometimes available for exclusive travel model appearances,  scheduled in advance, otherwise you can come to me in Chicago. It’s a whole lot of fun there Downtown. I’d love to be your beautiful date to show your around.

There has been a lot of blacklisted (bad men) known for doing bad things to us industry girls popping up daily left and right. I’m very reluctant to see anyone new so if your not prepared to follow my screening protocols, plz DO US BOTH A FAVOR and do not inquire. I’m a real business woman and know how to dismiss you of any and all opportunities. Safety and discretion are my upmost importance in this field. If you cannot, we are not. If you waste MY time, say good bye to those who are intelligent enough to screen thoroughly.

And again, thank you to my true and closest.  Even if it’s been a while since we’ve had contact, you know who you are. I’m simply less available now and focused on more growth and encouraging paths my higher power lays out for me.  I love this industry. It’s very unfortunate that now that backpage shut down, the largest advertisement sites are over flooded with backpage sex workers and agencies that over work their talent back to back to where they cannot eat so no workout. One wanted to join my agency. She said she would have to sleep in makeup because they expected her anytime 24/7 to work no matter what. I could not help her as she did not meet the guidelines to be on my site. So  she has since retired.  With this mass production of low end talent over populating the largest advertisement boards.  Clients are trying them out to learn a negative booking vs paying more for the higher end such  as myself and my Playmates who are available for model appearances with advanced notice upon proper screening  Note: EnvyJoliesPlaymates.com


Until the next blog, stay blessed, stay true, and those of us that are....let us stick together .  Love and the best of best times every time.









Upcoming Tours Through Dec…..Don’t See Ur City….Simply Ask Lover

Chicago 10/10-10/27
Phx 10/28-11/1
LA 11/1-11/4
Chicago 11/4-11/14
Philly: 11/13-11/15
Boston 11/16-11/18
Chicago: 11/17-12/12


Available for exclusive travel....4 hour Min Plus Airfare


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I love being naughty in front of the camera.  You can join me most days. I'm currently cre8ing a schedule. It will include day and evenings. I'm also available for private cam sessions.

Social Media:

Twitter: @xxxenvy4u

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Updated Tours For Sept, Oct, Nov 2017

Chicago: 9/17-10/1


Chicago 10/6-10/27

PHX: 10/28-11/1

LA: 11/2-11/6

Chicago: 11/6-tbd till its snows to hard. Lol

Ready to see some more of my new pics 9/17???? More coming soon! Love U!

Main Focus For Touring Cities

Hello gorgeous,


so last year I lived in Philly for which I became close to many regulars. After a year, I moved to the desert of AZ.  No good.  I uber and walk everywhere. I lasted 3 months. I'm now in Chicago and focusing my time on Chicago and Philly friendly friends while I'll be surfing in the W. Coast during the winters. Gonna try this out.

While I appreciate newbie connections, I really don't care for the fuss that 97.9 have blacklist reports and wanna hold me back from success by knowing they fucked others over and I screen plus book all my bookings plus my playmates which is EnvyJoliesPlaymates.com. Like probably 30 or so Playmates. I screen and book us all. Plus cam and coming up, 90 min of school. If your one of that guys that offends providers, don't even try. I'll wreck ur world up for wasting my time in a discreet fashion in my industry.

Im very sought after, respected, and love to love.  If ur playing games here for a booking, I know in 4 minutes of searching and you will not be seen.

Been a true spiritual believer ever? Google karma.

To those of you who are so respectful and appreciate plus va.ue our special dates like I do, this is for the bad guys. Not you!


Id love to hear from you!


Examples of time wasters:


One who won't supply phone number or email...you know who you are.

one who has been blacklisted for petty shit a deposit can resolve. U know who u are.

One who ask Rates after screening. Come on, I work hard to accompany you for the market price point. Please do your homework.

so now I'm in Chicago and Philly mostly to see regulars consistently.  Other regions need to accommodate me exclusively unless I'm traveling West Coast on vacation.


Love, love, all the love,



I HOPE YOU LIKE THE TWO NEW PICS I POSTED TODAY. I DRESS ALL OCCASSIONS. Many providers stick to only a certain brand. While I shop, I don't view the price tag or brand. I view the art and have an endless collections for all fantasies.



Change OF Tours Slightly And Available 4 Exclusives

Hi fans!


I had to postpone my LA trip a tad and add in a few cities. Please see below. Also most times I'm in Chicago, I'm available for exclusive travel to you. Just ask how please.


Chicago: 9/5-10/1

Philly: 10/2-10/6

Chicago: 10/6- 10/27

Phoenix: 10/28-11/1

LA: 11/1-11/4

Chicago: 11/4 for 6 weeks

Philly: Dec dates upcoming.


I apologize for the inconvenice in Chanel of tours.  I promise to make it up to u!  Here's a new pic to start! 

Hi lover! Here’s my upcoming tour dates:

6/20-7/16 Chicago
7/16-7/17 Exclusive
7/17-23 Nyc
7/23-7/27 Philly
7/27-tbd Chicago

A little change on my tours

Ive decided to stay in DC an extra day. So I'm checking out on the 16th. Then going straight to Chicago on Easter Day and still staying until the 22nd. See u soon baby!! 😘 kisses xoxo

CHICAGO: Coming at u 4/18-4/22 A Day Early With A New Hot Playmate

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