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Oct 18th-22nd. NYC. Doubles with my very hot and passionate GF

Ivanna Di Carlo and I have some availability. Trust me, you do not want to miss out! We will also be coming to SF in December. Yeah!

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Check out my new pics under the members section. All sets were shot in a months time. The next set will be the 2nd set monthly all pics will be updated monthly for your very own fantasies. Until we meet~

Envy Jolie

October Tour Dates


DC-DuPont Circle 14-18th
NYC 18-22nd
Philly Center City 22-27th
Chicago October 27-31st

Coconut oil

I use it as a moisturizer all over my body. And in my hair before I sleep. How would you like to slide on that for one? Purely organic !!

Getting caught up on emails

Everyone runs into situations where they cannot get online. I was down about 5 days or so. Please understand it is something out of my control. Though I’m catching up for sure!

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Check out this email I just got. Sounds like a man with a plan. Hmmmm


My name is Megan Scott, I’m 34 and live right outside Washington D.C. I’m sure you get many weird request so I hope mine will not fall on deaths ear. My husband is a huge fan of yours, has been years before we ever were married. I never understood his level of like in you and it often bothered me, but he was very open and honest about it. I figure what harm could it do since you are almost untouchable for him. He’s been a member of various websites of yours, traveled all over to catch you at public appearances. He’s been a great husband and father to our family. He coaches inner city youth in multiple sports as Well as counsels homeless gay teens. Well last year he was having issues with his chest where it was discovered he has heart disease. I’ve witnessed this strong man become weaker and weaker over the past few months. I’m sure you have plenty of fans who aim to see you, I guess I’m another reaching out for this impossible task. I’m not asking for much, any time or message you can give would go along way. I just want to give him one more Happy moment for all he’s done for us, and others. And I know you would do that. No disrespect or want to seem as I’m using you in any way. Please let me know if anything is possible as I’m willing to do whatever I can to make this dream a reality for him while I can..

Thanks in advance