Rates & Availability

Currently until further notice,  I'm less available with the exception of #exclusive #flymetoyou #arrangements.

Please inquire for more details. For those I have already made pre existing arrangements with, they will be honored of course.

My regulars I will continue to honor my regular rate.

For others it is back to $1000. Per hour.

I schedule with advance notice and screening is mandatory. Please email me with reputable references, your contact information, a few times with the date and duration you would like to meet.  At least 24 hours notice advance.

I'd also like it if you include some introduction about yourself, your interest, and such in a clean, respectful manner of course.  And I will return your correspondence at my soonest opportunity.

Looking very forward to meeting you!



Please note: New Contact Methods

Upper/lower case sensitive: JetSetEnvy@protonmail.com & Whatsapp text only: 702-758-3689. Calls will not be answered until you are screened that line does not work unless you have Whatsapp.

****Be sure 2 ask about my duo discounts. Worldwide  Im available with many hot Playboy Models and Pornstars available. On other tours upcoming, once screened or available to know friends: pics and discounts of my gorgeous breathtaking Playboy very UTR Playboy Model, Wifey, she does not advertise.  We offer an amazing 90 min plus incentive for the perfect rendezvous .  Ahh Laha laa  She has the perfect body with of course a hidden face that is very beautiful, perfect teeth, huge tits, fit as fuck, beautiful face, playful. Why is she wifey? Hmmm....one can only wonder


Exclusive Travels

Chicago: 5/15- 5/20 Downtown

DC-Dupont Circle: 5/21-5/24- Check Out

Philadelphia : 5/24 -5/27 Check out

Chicago: 5-27-5/29

MINN Bloomington: 5/30-6/2

Chicago: 6/3-6/8

NYC: 6/11-6/15


Amsterdam: 7/1-7/7

Very Important:

With new laws in effect, I wish to be contacted securely. Either through Whatsapp text app @ 702-758-3689 or Encrypted email: JetSetEnvyJolie@protonmail.com. Let's keep a safe community. Kisses.